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Articles On Computer Technology

The articles listed below are intended to help you keep track of changes in computer technology, as well as some computer security tips for avoiding the pitfalls involved in buying Cheap Used Laptops and other bargain electronics online.

Buying Computers Online

  • What Is Refurbished? - An article explaining what refurbished computer products are and how they compare to brand new equipment.
  • Used Computers Vs Refurbished - Helps online shoppers decide whether to buy used or get a refurbished computer.
  • Buying A Graphics Card - Your video graphics card is one component that can have a major impact on your overall computing experience.
  • Computer Basics For Seniors - Tips for seniors on buying and using computers.
  • Linux For Laptops - Tips for Linux users who want to use Ubuntu Linux as the operating system on their laptop computers.

Online Privacy & Security

Computer Recycling / Donations

  • Why Recycle Computers? - Learn more about the many benefits, both to others and yourself, from taking the time to recycle your old computer equipment.
  • How To Recycle Computers? - Where to go? Who takes them back? Are there spots you can just drive to that will take them off your hands? This article lets you know how to go about recycling your old computers.
  • Donate Old Computers - Another way to get rid of your old computer equipment is to donate it to a charity or other non-profit organization.

History Of Computers & The Internet

Using Computers In Education

  • Computers In The Classroom - Article on the many positive effects and benefits of using computers in the classroom, both for students and educators.
  • Handhelds In The Classroom - Small handheld computers, pda's, and smartphones present new challenges and opportunities for both educators and students.

References For Computer Terminology

  • Linux Drivers - Tips for downloading Linux-based network drivers.
  • Free Flash Tutorials - Lists of tutorials for Adobe Flash and ActionScript.
  • What Is Computer BIOS? - Understanding the basics of computer BIOS settings.
  • Visual Basic - Examples, tutorials, and Visual Basic source code.
  • Network Programming - Compilation of resources for Java, Linux, and other major types of server network programming.
  • Computer Language - Reference guide for basic computer programming languages; abbreviations for and definitions of the most popular computer languages.
  • Internet Glossary - Common terms used to describe Internet technology.

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