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Tips On Computers & The Internet For Seniors

A large number of Americans were around long before computers, Cheap Laptops, and the Internet became an everyday part of our lives. This list of computer basics for seniors should help get you up to speed fast.

Buying a Computer

Using a Computer

Using Email

  • Senior's Guide to Email: Tutorials on using various Windows-based mail clients
  • Tips for Managing Email: Tips and tricks to avoid being overwhelmed by a full inbox
  • Email Etiquette: Tips for proper and polite email conversations
  • Harness Email: Everything you need to know about sending emails, email addresses, and sending files
  • PawPaw Mail: Email client that is managed by a senior's loved one and provides a simple interface to use

Using the Internet

Avoiding Scams and Phishing Schemes

Also make sure you are being extra careful about ensuring the safety of your personal passwords while connected to the Internet.

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