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Computer Programming Languages

This guide includes definitions of the most common computer programming languages, including what each computer language abbreviation means and where to find the best information about each computer language.

C Programming
In 1972, Dennis Ritchie developed a general purpose language called C programming for Unix platforms.

Developed by Sun Microsystems, JAVA is a programming language used to code software programs that run on any platform.

Visual Basic
Visual Basic was developed by Microsoft for its COM programming model. Based on the original BASIC (Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code), Visual Basic has evolved into Visual Basic NET and is considered one of the easiest programming languages to learn.

Written in C, Matlab is a numeric programming language widely used in educational mathematical environments and in image processing.

Matlab Toolbox
A range of additional toolboxes, or add-ons, has been developed for the Matlab program that provides a wide variety of additional functions.

MFC, or the Microsoft Foundation Class Library, is a Windows platform that was designed to make writing Windows computer programs easier.

A programming language for Unix systems, Perl is commonly used for text functions, on web forms, and for file conversions.

Perl Win32
In 2006, Perl Win32 was released for the Windows platform, allowing Windows users to easily install Perl modules.

Mod Perl
Mod_Perl is a Perl module for the Apache server that enables it to translate and serve Perl programs and scripts.

Tcl is a scripting language used primarily for scripting functions, such as CGI. The addition of a toolkit, or Tk, adds a graphical unit interface to the application.

Apache is web server software typically run on Linux operating systems.

AutoIt and ScriptIt
AutoIt is a Windows script language initially designed to create macros, however its functionality has grown and it is commonly used to create utility programs.

ScriptIt is an unsupported Windows scripting language designed to automate software installations and system configurations.

TAPI means telephony application programming interface. TAPI allows an integration between systems using Windows and telephone services.

A socket is an internet communication line between a host and a port or an internal communication process within an operating system.

Concurrent Versions System is used for recording the history of source files and allows users to retrieve old files if necessary.

Bash is the operating shell of the GNU operating system. GNU is made up of entirely free software.

Vi is the standard Unix editor.

GDB is the code debugger for the Gnu operating system. GDB assists programmers in catching and fixing software bugs and other issues.

TeX is typesetting software, popular at academic institutions for use in mathematics, physics, and computer science.

Emacs is a free, cross-platform text editor typically used by programmers.

XEmacs is a highly configurable open source text editor used by advanced computer users and programmers.

Solaris Admin
Solaris is an operating system develop by Sun Microsystems. Solaris system administrators are given variety of customization options without the need to purchase additional utility modules.

Linux Admin
First written in 1991 by Linus Torvalds, Linux is an open-source operating system similar to Unix. Used in a variety of applications from desktops to work stations, the Linux system is typically administered through a graphical user interface.

Linux Security
Security for Linux is provided in the form of security modules and patches. By turning off unneeded services and using the security update features included in most Linux installations, a Linux system may remain secure.

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