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Computer Science Resource Page

Computer science has been around for centuries and has progressed and developed into many different types of sources, applications, and languages. Blaise Pascal, Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, and Charles Baggage were the three individuals that were responsible for today's modern day computing. Blaise Pascal built the first mechanical adding machine while Charles Baggage theorized that it's possible to build a calculator that could perform operations on their own. Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz created the binary system which is used in many of today's computer programs.

Computers from earlier times have changed dramatically. Today's computers allow us to take advantage of different types of programs and software which allows us to have many different unique features within the computer. We're able to have access to many different designs, and create computer language that takes technology to the next level. Even today, computer engineers are still looking for ways to advance computers' current language such as HTML, JAVA, ASP, and even 3D scripting languages.

In today's world while one can now get a computer science degree and get educated online it doesn't defeat the purpose of practice. Taking the time to look learn the programming language and having some experience before taking classes can and will help in the long run.

Basics Of Computer Science

The links below will give you a better understanding how computer science began, as well as the program languages and societies that are working in the industry.

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