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Using Computers In The Classroom

Computers are part of everyday life. The technology has evolved by not just being a way to surf the web for fun, but to boost academic success. Technology allows teachers to gain and hold on to a student’s attention and interest. It opens the door to a wide range of teaching possibilities and addresses special needs concerns, and equity within the classroom. Using visual and auditory technology through computer lessons or games may enhance all students learning abilities whom learn by visual, tactile, and auditory styles.

The following resources will help teachers, students and parents in implementing technology in the classroom.

Technology in the Classroom

Classroom Management

  • Techniques - Techniques on managing a successfully technological environment.
  • Teaching Guide - Teaching guides for computer classroom management.
  • Tip Sheet - Tips on several approaches on classroom management.
  • Strategies - A seven day strategy list and post it calendar on implementing a technological organization within the classroom.
  • Multimedia in the Classroom - Managing styles for different learning environments.

Tips for Successfully Integrating Technology

Group Activities

Writing and Language Arts Activities

Math Computer Activities

Surfing Safely

One low cost option for computers in the classroom is Refurbished Laptops or netbooks. These computers are small, lightweight, fit easily on a student's desk, and are within a price range that parents can afford.

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