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Using Linux On Laptops

Linux is a generic term that refers to a free computer operating system based on the Linux kernel. This open source software can be installed into various computer hardware such as smartphones, mobile phones and most commonly in Cheap Laptops. Among the over 600 freely modified distributions of Linux, Ubuntu is one of the most popular and user-friendly since it can be installed onto almost any laptop with ease.

Linux Installation

The installation of Linux may take several hours depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Burn the image of the operating system onto a blank disc using any CD burning software. Place the finished disc into your disc drive and restart your computer. It should automatically boot the Linux disc at start-up. At disc menu, click ‘Install’ and follow the easy online instructions to install the operating system onto your laptop.

Kernel Configuration

For the best Linux laptop performance and dependability, it’s best to get a well-configured kernel. Before you can do this, you must know what hardware you have on your laptop computer. To get this important information, you can either boot your box or look at the dmesg output. You will need to view useful information such as the model name, chipsets and part number. You can then visit the Linux hardware database.

Advanced Power

Advanced Power Management or APM/ACPI is supported by most modern laptop computers and works by putting your Linux laptop in suspend or hibernation state. When switching your laptop into hibernating mode, power is being saved each time you leave your laptop for a period of time. Another benefit of hibernation is that you can install a new battery into your laptop, power your computer back up and begin where you left off. Hibernation to a disc consists of a user-space program and kernel driver.


The Linux operating system allows for user flexibility while using its many software tools and specifications. From the links provided below, you can find general Linux management topics including recovering lost passwords, remote administration and system hardening tools. Server management techniques and architecture, file system and Intelligent Platform Management Interface information is also important to cover for the best Linux configuration on your laptop. Linux management can be useful for both export IT technicians or your personal Linux at home.


Depending on your modem model, you may need to configure a dial-up or other type modem for your Linux based laptop. Begin by making sure your modem is not a ‘winmodem’ or stripped down modem. It’s best to purchase an external modem for ease and dependability. Once you find the right modem, you will need to go into your BIOS setting and redirect it out of ‘Auto’ mode.

  • Modem – How To: Help with configuring, connecting and troubleshooting your modem.
  • PCI Modems: How to figure out whether you have a true modem (controller-based) or fake modem (software-based).
  • Linux Modems: Information and resources for Linux-compatible modems.
  • Linux Modem Setup: Find status, rationale, chipsets and more information and resources for modem setup.
  • Modem Configuration: Step by step guide to connecting and configuring a Linux modem.

X Windows

The X Windows system is a type of computer software system that provides a graphical user interface for networked computers. It’s typically used on Unix-like and Linux computers and laptops and OpenVMS. X Windows offers basic framework for creating GUI environments. The X system is an additional application that tops the operating system kernel.


Most Linux operating system users will need to find stable audio software for their laptop. There are several audio software installations available to Linux users for beginners. It’s possible to connect various applications and run all your VST plug-ins easily using a JACK audio server. The OSS drivers also provide grade soundcards for many professional devices.

More Linux / Ubuntu Resources

For a more comprehensive look at the Linux operating system and it’s over 600 distributions, feel free to visit the Linux or Ubuntu websites. Before installing Linux on your laptop, it's important to consider your hard-drive speed as this will make a noticeable difference in the installation process. One of the most common problems with Linux on laptops is lack of hardware support. This issue has been remarkably improved in current editions of the Linux operating system.

Ubuntu Linux is a perfect choice of OS for Cheap Laptops since you can save money on both the hardware and avoid the cost of expensive proprietary operating system.

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