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Our guide can help you find cheap computers & refurbished laptops for sale.
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Computer Buyer's Guide
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How To Buy Desktop Computers

This computer buying guide is intended to be an introductory article on everything you need to know when buying Refurbished Computers for your home or small office.

Although our site is mainly focused on cheap, refurbished computers, this guide can help you with evaluating a computer at any price. It is written mainly for the online computer shopper who is a relative beginner when it comes to computers.

We suggest starting with these sections which overview the main questions you will need to answer before you even begin comparing computers. By knowing what you really need from your desktop computer, you will be able to choose the right features that satisfy your own personal requirements.Computer Buyer's Guide

Essential Computer Hardware Components

The following are the main computer hardware components that need to be present on any computer that you buy. Many of these components will determine the overall power and expandability of your computer system.

Additional Hardware Components

There are some additional hardware components that don't necessarily need to come with the computer system you buy, but they allow you get more use out of your computer for only a little more money.

There are many other hardware accessories and software components that you can get with a computer, but this guide is focused on only those which are the most essential.

By reading through each of the sections above, you should have a decent understanding of the different hardware components that make up a good home computer system. If you are interested in the idea of saving money on the purchase of your next computer, then look into buying Refurbished Desktop Computers.

In addition to our guide on Refurbished Computers, we also have a Laptop Buying Guide, plus information on how to shop for various other computer parts online.

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