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Computer Modems

Computer ModemModems are used to either connect to the Internet through a phone line or send / receive fax documents.

The older models of Refurbished Computers might still have a modem in them, but more modern computers (even refurbished) will just have a NIC card. If one is included, then it will typically be a 56K V.90 modem, which indicates the speed of the modem.

56K is the maximum speed you can achieve with a so-called "dialup" modem. To get more speed for Internet usage, you will have to go to DSL or Cable modem connections.

Top brand modems are 3Com, Zoom, or U.S. Robotics.

Recommendations: A name brand 56K V.90 modem.

Keep One Even If You Have DSL / Cable

Since many consumers are moving to faster types of Internet connections, such as DSL, Cable and Satellite, many people don't see the need to have a modem any longer.

These faster types of Internet access use a different connection card, called a network card or NIC card.

However, having a regular 56K dialup modem as a backup is always a smart move. If you ever have a problem with your ISP's primary connection and you really need to use the Internet for email, then you'll always be able to just dialup with the modem.

These have become very inexpensive devices, so getting one will not add much to the total cost of your computer system. If you're buying Refurbished Computers, then check to see if one is already included.

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