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Why Buy Custom Desktop Computers?

When it comes time to purchase a computer, a consumer's first thought is often to start looking around for those Super Store Sales -- but is this the best system for your money? There are actually several advantages to buying or building your own custom computers over buying pre-built Refurbished Computers:


This is the key to making a really affordable computer. The major brand names design their computers such that when technology advances you either must live with the old, or buy a new computer. When buying custom computers, you have the ability to change out only old and outmoded components while maintaining serviceable parts.


You know your business and what you need and don't need to run it. When ordering a custom computer, you choose the components that fit your needs. You decide how much RAM and hard drive space are necessary for your system. You get the savings you deserve by not buying things you don't need, and the performance you want because you designed it yourself.


Companies that build each system to order will generally test each individual computer more thoroughly. The individual attention applied during the building of a custom computer can assure first rate quality and reliability not available from typical mass- produced computers.


Using "off the shelf" parts as opposed to "proprietary" components like major brand name manufacturers use means that custom computers can be repaired just about anywhere. Repair parts are readily available from hundreds of different companies. The warranty of some pre-built systems requires repairs to be performed at particular places and with specific parts, which may mean repairs take much longer.

Common Questions about Custom PCs

Q. Do custom PC's cost more?

Most people automatically assume that a Custom PC will cost them a lot more money. This is truly, a large misconception. A custom PC is built to suit your needs. This doesn't necessarily mean it is more expensive than a name brand machine.

Q. Can't I just buy a brand name PC and upgrade it?

For some manufacturers, they build proprietary NON Standard computers. What does that mean? Well it means that if you decide you want to increase your Ram, or put in a bigger hard drive, you have to buy the EXTREME premium priced components ordered special from the manufacturer. And in some cases they didn't build your computer to be upgradeable, thus you are forced to purchase a new one. You will learn real quick that going to a store to get your parts is impossible.

Q. Are custom-built PCs upgradeable?

Yes, custom built means you have more options. The most important part of a custom built system is it is more upgradeable than most name brands. Many customers end up frustrated because they bought a computer at a store, and when they wanted to upgrade found out the board was maxed out. The cost of putting in a new board is as much a purchasing a new system.

Q. What software will I receive with my purchase?

You should receive the Drivers software along with your Operating System software. This makes working out software issues much easier than in some of the bigger name brand machines. They have proprietary software, all combined on one CD, and call it a restore CD. So if there is a software problem they tell you to put the restore CD in the drive and follow the prompts. This typically means it will completely reformat your drive and reinstall from scratch, thus losing all personal files.

In many cases, when you buy pre-built Refurbished Computers, you don't actually own the software at all. They preload it at the factory. Then if there is ever a problem you have to use a restore CD or call the manufacturer for assistance. With a Custom PC, you can choose to get a licensed copy of Windows with the CD, and the Book. All Drivers CD's or floppies are typically also included for all the hardware devices that are installed.

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