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Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Keyboard & MouseAlthough the keyboard and mouse are very basic components of a computer system, you actually have a wide range of choice when it comes to what types you use.

Just about all Cheap Computers will already have a keyboard/mouse combo, but many consumers like to swap those out with ones they are accustomed to using. You can choose a low cost, plain keyboard and a simple roller ball mouse to save money, or you can go to the extent of buying a cordless version that is ergonomically designed to be more comfortable and user-friendly.

The deciding factor in choosing your model of keyboard and mouse will be how often you use your computer. If you use it occasionally, then a standard, money-saving keyboard and mouse will work fine.

However, if you are on your computer many hours a day, you might consider looking into ergonomic models that will help you avoid sore wrists and which don't wear out very easily. The ergonomic style of keyboards will keep you from spending too many hours typing on a keyboard at an uncomfortable angle.

Recommendations: Stick to the brands like Microsoft, IBM and Logitech.

Optical / Laser Mouse

If you don't feel like disassembling your mouse every few days just to clean its rollers, then you might want to look into using a laser mouse. Optical laser mice have no roller ball, so they don't get clogged up with dirt.

They work by sending a beam of light straight down to the table and using that to control the movement of your mouse cursor.

Laser mice are also more accurate than standard roller ball mice and can be used on nearly any clean, flat surface. Of course, as with most things that are technologically superior, laser mice are also more expensive.

Wireless Keyboards & Mice

You can also buy a cordless mouse and keyboard, which work on infrared. This will allow you to sit far back from your computer rather than be trapped at your computer desk.

The main drawback of such devices is that they are battery-operated. If you are using standard batteries and spend a good amount of time at your computer, those batteries will wear out very quickly.

So, if you plan on using a cordless mouse or keyboard, you should invest in rechargeable batteries with charger. The keyboard & mouse that come with Cheap Computers typically will be wired, so you won't need batteries for them.

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