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Contact Information For PC Bargain Hunter

If you would like to ask about the Refurbished Computers and other computer-related equipment we review here at PC Bargain Hunter, please direct your questions to our webmaster. We'd be happy to help you further research low-cost computer equipment before you make a purchase.

Many of your questions about refurbished computer products may already be answered in our Computer Technology Articles section. Please check there to see many of the helpful articles we have listed about online shopping.

General Webmaster Information

For general inquiries and comments about our website, please send your emails to the following address:

Our staff will gladly consider any suggestion or comment you have about our site. We love to receive feedback from our site visitors, whether it is positive or negative. If you didn't find what you needed here, or would like to suggest some content to add to our site that would be of benefit to online shoppers, we would love to hear from you.

Partnerships & Marketing Concerns

If have a computer, laptop, or consumer electronics-related website and would like to form a partnership with our website, please direct your email requests to:

You may also use this address for inquiries regarding banner advertising, text advertising, affiliate programs, or other Internet marketing concerns.

Questions About Computer Products provides information about Refurbished Computers, but we don't sell any computers directly. If you have questions about a computer you purchased online, please understand we cannot help you with questions about that purchase. It's always best to return to the online retail website where you bought the item, or go to the manufacturer's website.

We attempt to respond to all inquiries within 48 business hours.

Thank you!
PC Bargain Hunter Staff

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