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Computer Accessories For Your Laptop

Depending on how you plan to use your Refurbished Laptops, you might want to consider some accessories as well. Here are a few of our favorites:

Wireless Network Cards

For business users who want access to the corporate network while they're roaming around the office or in conference rooms, the convenience of a wireless network card is hard to beat. Home users can also use one to surf the Internet while sitting on the couch rather than being limited to the computer desk.

Wireless access is comparable to DSL and Cable Internet speeds, though not quite as fast. They are certainly faster than a dialup modem. Most major airports, hotels, resorts and other travel centers will have local wireless networks available for use.

Port Replicators For External Monitor / Keyboard / Mouse

If you're using the notebook as your primary PC, you will be far more productive if you have a larger screen, full-size keyboard, and real mouse to work with. Connecting them all through a port replicator can save you the hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting them every time you take the notebook away from your desk.

Spare Batteries

Regard notebook manufacturers' claims to battery life with healthy skepticism. If you need to work for extended periods away from a power outlet (for example, on an airplane, or in an all-day seminar in a hotel conference center), an extra battery will give you the juice you need. Refurbished Laptops typically only come with one battery, so determine ahead of time if you need to buy a spare.

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