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What Is The Best Size For Your Laptop Screen?

Arguably the most important component of Refurbished Laptops, and often the most costly, is its display. Although nearly everyone enjoys having a larger display screen for working on computers, on a laptop that will mean a bulkier object to carry around and a heavier load.

Take a look at the most common display sizes and decide what's right for you...

12.1 Inch Screens - Lightweight Money-Savers

In the lowest-cost systems you'll find 12.1-inch screens capable of color SVGA (800 x 600) resolution. (Note that the flat-panel displays that notebooks use, unlike desktop monitors, generally support only a single, fixed resolution.) A 12.1-inch display is, frankly, rather cramped for everyday use. It's considerably smaller than a sheet of letter-sized paper. Thus we strongly recommend opting for a larger screen if you can afford it and aren't looking for an ultra-small machine.

14.1 Inch Screens - A Nice Balance

A 14.1-inch display, for example, gives you viewing area equivalent to that of a 15-inch desktop monitor (for arcane reasons, flat-panel displays and traditional monitors are measured differently). You will find some 14.1-inch screens that are 800 x 600 resolution only, but most will support up to 1,024 x 768.

We tend to think 14.1-inch screens supporting 1,024 x 768 resolution strike the best compromise between viewable area and overall portability.

15 Inch Screens & Higher

More expensive notebooks are sometimes available with 15-inch displays, some of which support resolutions as high as 1920 X 1200. If you really want the biggest display and highest resolution possible in your notebook, they're worth considering, but for our taste they tend to make a notebook feel uncomfortably large, as well as hard to use in the cramped confines of an economy-class airline seat.

Don't forget that you can attach an external monitor to your Refurbished Laptops as well, so you could buy a spacious 21-inch screen for use at your desk and rely on the internal display only when you're on the road. If your laptop comes with the right video ports, you can even connect it straight to your HDTV.

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