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Overview Of Netbook Computers

Despite the availability of so many Cheap Laptops for sale these days, consumers are always looking for the best bargain -- and when it comes to inexpensive “laptop-style” computing, nothing beats using cheap netbook computers.

What Is A Netbook?

Also called mini laptops or mini notebooks, a netbook is a smaller, stripped-down version of a laptop computer. The major advantages of cheap netbook computers are that they are small, light-weight, and inexpensive when compared to larger, heavier, more costly laptop computers. The reason they are called netbooks is that they don't have a CD/DVD drive to install software from. Instead, netbooks get all of their software by downloading it from the Net -- thus the name. And they are about the size of a hardback novel.

Cheap netbook computers are a perfect choice for travelers and students who want to use a mobile computer without the need for an expensive, bulky laptop. Their price range of around $250 to $450 is also a huge plus. They certainly are not for everyone, since the reduced size of the screen and keyboard are often too small for many users.

Comparing A Netbook Versus A Laptop

For a better understanding of the differences between a netbook versus a laptop, use this chart to compare the major features of both:

Netbook Features Laptop Features
9" to 10" Screens 12" to 17" Screens
2 to 3 Pounds 6 to 12 Pounds
Less powerful processors (Atom) Intel Core Processors (i3, i5, i7)
Basic Integrated Graphics More Capable Graphics Cards
No CD/DVD Drive CD/DVD Drive Included
Very Small Keyboards Mid-size to Full-size Keyboards
3 to 7 Hour Average Battery Life 2 to 3 Hour Average Battery Life
Web Cam Included Web Cam Included
Wireless NIC & Wi-Fi Included Wireless NIC & Wi-Fi Included
Windows 7, Window XP or Linux Any Operating System

With full-size laptop computers, you are going to have more room for expansion. The hard drives in laptops are much larger, they have more USB ports, they come with more RAM by default, you can usually upgrade the RAM, and the mouse pad is bigger. It's best not to associate netbooks with power or capability, but rather with low-cost, small-size, and convenience. If you want your mobile computer to be as powerful and capable as a desktop computer, then you'll probably want to stick with full-size laptops.

Where netbooks shine compared to other Cheap Laptops is in the basic functions of web-surfing, email, and using Internet-based applications while on the go. Those advantages, combined with longer battery life, make cheap netbook computers the superior choice for casual computer users who are constantly on the move.

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