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Used Computer Printers

This is a short guide to help you decide what type of printer you may need -- inkjet or laser, black and white or full color. Most laptops and Discount Computers can be easily connected to cheap desktop printers.

One major factor you should keep in mind while choosing a refurbished printer is the cost of cartridges and ink refills. Once you have selected the one you want, find out how much the printer ink cartridges and toner refills will cost you before you purchase the printer. Sometimes your costs for ink cartridges will quickly surpass the cost of the printer itself. Unless you absolutely need a color printer, don't buy one -- because the costs for refilling color ink or replacing color (CMYK) toner cartridges is much higher than for a standard monochrome (Black Ink Only) printer.

What You Need The Printer For Recommendation
Occasional Text-Only Printing - Personal Monochrome Inkjet
Occasional Text-Only Printing - Business Monochrome Laser
Occasional Color Printing - Personal Color Inkjet
Occasional Color Printing - Business High-End CMYK Inkjet
Occasional Text & Color Printing - Personal Color Inkjet
Occasional Text & Color Printing - Business Color Laser
High Volume Text-Only Printing Monochrome Laser
High Volume Text & Color Image Printing Color Laser

You can use the chart above as a quick reference when decided which type of printer is right for you. For further help, read the articles below.

Besides information on printers, our site covers Discount Computers, netbooks, and most types of computer parts and accessories.

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